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Title: Drying 2
Post by: bonedry on April 06, 2016, 05:52:18 AM
We just started our first continuous kiln up and the project engineer says we can load one track with dimension lumber and the other with 4x6's. Has anyone tried this or have any idea what the push rates would need to be? Will this even work????? Don't want to have a lot of downgrade due to high moisture content.
Title: Re: Drying 2
Post by: HencoV on April 10, 2016, 11:39:20 PM
If this is a continuous counter flow probably wont work. If it is a continuous kiln where you load wet stacks one end , and pull dry stacks on the other end -  It can work, and has been done. The pull rate you will have to determine through trial and error. Being continuous, you will probably only pull out and replace one stack at a time....and only once desired MC% levels are reached.

Just remember that with thicker dimensions on the one track, air flow will be affected (reduced)if all stickers are same dimension. So if you fill the kiln with thinner same dimension loads on both tracks, drying rate will improve with better air flow
Title: Re: Drying 2
Post by: GeorgeCulp on May 24, 2016, 12:19:06 PM
Henco is correct concerning the airflow. Just know that with one track of 4" and one track of 2" the 2" will get less flow than if both tracks were 2" and the 4" will get more airflow than if both tracks were 4".  How much? You would have to test all 3 sets of conditions to know that.
Title: Re: Drying 2
Post by: GeorgeCulp on May 24, 2016, 12:28:18 PM
One more thing on push rates....if you are used to a batch kiln....(remember that a batch kiln is a "continuous kiln" you just have a push rate of the entire charge once every X amount of hours it takes for you to dry) 
This is for talking purposes only - if you normally dry 2" in a batch kiln in 20 hours then you would want your lumber to be in the continuous kiln for 20 hours. If your main chamber is 60' long then your push rate would be 3'/hour. You could use this as a starting point but I feel certain the amount of time your lumber would be in the continuous kiln will be less than that of a batch kiln, therefore your push rate would be higher.
Its just a place to start and no more.
Title: Re: Drying 2
Post by: Steve Morse on June 30, 2016, 08:55:37 AM
Bonedry I have and usally am running two differant products in my continuous kiln. In the past I have had 6x6 on one track and 5/4x6 on the other. What you will see is that a very slow rate on your timbers (say 1.5' per hour) but will make up time on you 5/4 From say 5' per hour to 6' or more). This is due to temp in the kiln rising. If your temp keeps getting hotter you need to adjust your speeds on your side that has demensional lumber. the temp you set your Kiln at is what you want to maintain. If it gets high or low its giving you a sign that the lumber is wet or dry. This is just a way I see whats going on with out a big surprise when the product starts exiting the Kiln. You want to make sure the fans in you main chamber are reversing every 2-4 hours. I prefer 2. This is just some things I have found with our Kiln going on 6 years old.